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Marine insurance

Marine Claims Information

In case of a claim contact us as soon as possible via Tel. no. (+356) 2557 9000. Alternatively you can email us at This is a condition of your policy.

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What To Do in Case of an Accident:

Call for medical assistance. Immediately contact medical assistance for any injured persons.

Contact Sea Patrol or Valletta Port. Should the accident be of a serious nature, or you require urgent assistance, click here for contact details. 

Third Party Liability. Should a Third Party be involved obtain name(s) and address(es) of the Third Parties involved. Do not discuss who was to blame as this may create difficulties for us in our handling of your claim.

Report your losses to the police. You are required to report any losses or thefts to police authorities in order for a claim to be lodged. This should be done within 24 hours of your discovery of the loss. Keep a copy of the police report and/any statements made at the scene of the accident by parties involved. Present these to us when you make the claim together with any photos which you may have been able to take recording the damages upon discovery.

Minimize damage. If you have suffered seawater damage, try to minimize the loss or damage by removing the seawater, or start drying out the damaged items. Please note:  You must not proceed with repairs (other than emergency repairs) without our approval. Emergency repairs required to minimize losses should be carried out by a qualified marine repairer and any damaged parts must be retained readily available for inspection purposes.

Salvage. Take all the necessary action to salvage your boat. If the engine/s has been immersed in water it must be FLUSHED and serviced as soon as possible. Claims for towing are only covered if it is proven that the vessel required immediate towing due to a perilous situation, please refer to the policy document for more details about what is excluded. If possible, obtain immediate confirmation from our offices to verify whether cover will apply for such expenses depending on the circumstances of your claim.

Witness(es) Contact Details. Obtain name and address of independent witnesses, if any.

Once a claim has been filed with us, it may be required that a marine surveyor would inspect the damages.

Casa Borgo, 26, Market Street, Floriana FRN 1082, Malta

Tel: (+356) 2557 9000

Freephone: 8007 2322


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Branches: Il-Mosta, In-Naxxar, Paola, Haz-Zebbug, Ta' Xbiex, Iz-Zejtun, Il-Mellieha, Victoria - Gozo

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