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Travel insurance

Travel Claims 

In case of emergency: 

Please notify Global Response UK immediately in case of serious illness or accident while travelling abroad:

Tel. no. (+44) 2920 468 500

Fax no. (+44) 2920 468 7797


What should I do if I have a claim? 

You should contact us as soon as possible to provide us with details of the incident.  Our claims department can be contacted during office hours on (+356) 2557 9000. Alternatively you can email us at

You are required to report any losses or thefts to the police authorities in order for a claim to be lodged. If the loss or theft occurred in a particular place such as your hotel you will also need to report it to the hotel management. This should be done within 24 hours of your discovery of  the loss. Keep a copy of the police report to present it to us when you make the claim together with any proof of ownership of the items being claimed (wherever possible).

Do NOT admit or deny liability with third parties or try to negotiate any settlements. 

You need to keep the receipts of any expenses incurred if you are planning to make a claim on your return. These could include the cost of replacing essential personal effects when your baggage is lost for more than twelve hours or receipts for the purchase of foreign currency. 

It is important to substantiate the claim being lodged and therefore any document / item which you present might assist us in the process of your claim. 

When travelling, carry with you details of the emergency assistance offered by us as part of your policy (Global response contact details are listed above). Always take a copy of the policy with you on travels so that you know what to do if something goes wrong.

What should I do if my Baggage is damaged by the airline? 

If your luggage is lost or gets damaged during the flight, report it at the airline desk before you leave the airport. You will receive a "Property Irregularity Report" which should be presented to us when you make the claim. If you discover the damage after leaving the airport, notify the airline in writing. Most airlines require notification of your loss within seven (7) days, so please make sure you send a formal notification quoting the Property Irregularity Report reference no. if you reported the loss or damage at the airport. 

What should I do in case of Loss / Theft of Money or Personal Effects?

A police report has to be lodged within 24 hours from the discovery of the missing items. Any documentation / items to substantiate the items / amounts stolen will assist in the processing of the claim.

What documentation is required in case of a Medical Claim

You should provide us with a copy of the medical report stating details of injury / illness and the original receipts for medication, hospitalization etc. It is very important that if hospitalisation or repatriation is required due to the injury / illness you immediately inform Global Response who are available on a 24/7 basis.

What documentation is required in case of Baggage Delay?

The original airline report lodged on the day when the delay commenced and the original report confirming the date and time when the baggage was received.

What if I need to cancel my trip? 

It is very important that when cancelling your travel plans (whether due to a reason covered by an insurance policy or not), you immediately inform the travel agent, booking office, airline or any other company with whom the trip was booked in order to check two main issues:

Whether the travel arrangements can be postponed to a later date, maybe at an additional fee;

Whether any refunds can be given by the airline / hotel / travel agent etc. Most airline companies (excluding low cost airlines) will refund the Taxes / Fuel Surcharge. Same goes for some Hotels and Travel Agents, which sometimes provide a refund based on the period remaining until the departure date, e.g. say a 50% refund if cancelled up to 6 weeks before the departure.

It is important that the above checks are carried out by the person cancelling their trip, since the insurance policy would not normally cover these types of refunds. Therefore the person cancelling the trip has to make their own arrangements to recover these expenses.

What is the process for opening a claim for cancellation of trip?

As soon as possible you should inform the insurance company that a claim for cancellation will be lodged and provide full details for the reason of the cancellation, so that the insurance official can guide you with regards to whether policy cover is effective, and advise what documentation is required for the process of the claim. 

You should also ensure that confirmations regarding any refunds payable to you are copied to the insurer for due consideration when adjusting your claim, and preparing to effect payment.

Typical documents which would be required for a claim for cancellation of trip are:

  • A medical certificate detailing the illness / injury which is impeding the travel;
  • In case of cancellation due to death of a relative or travel companion, a certificate detailing the cause of death would be required;
  • For other reasons for cancellation that are covered under the travel policy, it is important to note that claims always have to be duly supported by relevant documentation relating to the cause of cancellation and the amounts being claimed.

Please note that attention will be given to the Health Warranty contained in your policy. Any pre-existing medical conditions should be communicated to insurers immediately so that insurers may confirm whether any limitations on policy cover will apply.

I am insured under the HSBC Travel Scheme, how am I covered in relation to Covid-19?

In the light of the COVID-19, Citadel Insurance plc would like to clarify that the HSBC cardholders that are eligible for the Travel Scheme are covered for cancellation or curtailment charges in the event of unavoidable cancellation or curtailment of the journey or holiday as a result of illness or quarantine or death of Yourself or of Your travelling companion or of any person with whom You have arranged to stay. This is subject to policy terms and conditions. 

However, the policy does not cover cancellation or curtailment charges as a result of government restrictions on travel following an epidemic, or inter alia due to cancellation of flights or accommodation or trips by the airline or hotel or organiser, or closure of airports or cancellation of events by organisers, or cancellation for precautionary reasons.

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