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Citadel Drives Good Practices

Date: 28-04-2014

Citadel Insurance has always been innovative in the way it conducts insurance business and a few weeks ago it proved this yet again by organising a seminar for a number of car repairers. Leading speakers from various camps delivered talks about diverse subjects which affect car repairers and their trade.

The aim of the Repairer’s Workshop was for car repairers to get together, hear about ways and methods to make their work more efficient and also to give them an insight into good practices and new ways of doing business.

When garages in Malta are better prepared, the insurance chain becomes ever stronger. Almost all car insurance results in a client’s car being repaired. But car-owners naturally insist on a certain standard, and the best way for this to happen is to use only garages certified by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA).

Citadel does not oblige its clients to use any specific repairer but guides them on garage best practices. The Citadel seminar, which aimed to increase the quality of the garage trade, was held at a leading 5-star hotel. This was followed by a reception which was truly appreciated by all the garage-owners who further confirmed their commitment to the insurance company that really believes in delivering quality.

The talks at the seminar included a look at health and safety for small businesses, a review of asset protection, marketing and garage management for repairers. Garage-owners not only followed all these interesting talks but also contributed to a very good networking session after the talks.

As Ms Angela Tabone, Managing Director of Citadel Insurance said, “The workshop succeeded in creating a forum between the experts and the repairers. We recognise the need for our customers to repair their cars at approved garages and that is why we are driving good practices by promoting the standards set by the MCCAA. We would like to thank all the car repairers for their attendance and participation at the workshop.”

Repairers who were asked for their comments after the seminar were enthusiastic about all they heard and learnt. According to one of them, “It was a great move by Citadel to invite us all and get us together. We need to find out more and learn more. Most of us have plenty of experience and we know the work very well. But any improvement in our service will benefit us, make us more competitive and resourceful and ultimately all this will be beneficial to the clients who come to us to fix their cars.”

Asked for his comments another repairer said that “One talk does not make us better—but it is the beginning and a solid start. Like most of the repairers who attended, I look forward to more of these events. As usual Citadel were inclusive and broke new ground. They recognise that by including us they serve insurance better as we are an integral part of the insurance cycle.”

Citadel Insurance offers a range of insurance, from car to travel, home, marine, business and life. It has a team of dedicated personnel and a network of branches in Malta and Gozo. Expertise is the company’s advantage over the competition and sharing knowledge with the rest of the industry chain is one definite way Citadel will remain the market’s innovative leaders.

Citadel Insurance plc is authorised and regulated by the MFSA.

Casa Borgo, 26, Market Street, Floriana FRN 1082, Malta

Tel: (+356) 2557 9000

Fax: (+356) 2557 9550

Freephone: 8007 2322


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Citadel insurance p.l.c. is a company authorised under the Insurance Business Act, Cap. 403, to carry on general and long term business of insurance and is regulated by the MFSA