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Home4loan, The Latest Addition to Citadel’s Product Range

Date: 20-04-2006

Citadel Insurance plc is pleased to announce the launching of the ‘Home4Loan’ insurance policy, the latest addition to the Company’s broad range of products which encompasses all the major classes of insurance relating to general business, motor and life assurance.

The ‘Home4Loan’ insurance policy is a modern and flexible product designed to provide adequate home insurance coverage for those who have availed themselves of a home loan facility. The policy, which has been developed in response to a growing demand from the market, differs from similar conventional products in that it provides a broad scope of coverage, commensurate with premium economy, based on the specific requirements of the purchaser of insurance.

The policy is designed to cover all kinds of buildings, whether in a finished state or in shell form.  It provides coverage for a wide range of insurance perils, including fire, explosion, lighting, earthquake, riot, strikes, aircraft and storm or flood.  The policy also incorporates a property owner’s liability section in connection with third party bodily injury or property damage arising from ownership of the home and the land on which it is built.  The customer can also benefit from favourable rates on the ‘Home4Loan’ insurance policy if purchased in conjunction with one of Citadel’s life assurance polices.

The new ‘Home4Loan’ policy underpins the strength of Citadel’s entire product range which not only combines advantageous premium rates, but also ensures the adaptability of individual products to particular requirements and circumstances of the customer.  This has been achieved as a result of the wide experience accumulated by Citadel over the years, enabling it to develop a distinct scope of coverage and efficient, professional standards of service. For more information on this product, contact us on Freephone no. 80072322, or send an e-mail on

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