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List of Assumptions: Home Insurance

To save you time we base your quote on some assumptions. Please confirm you meet these criteria:

  1. Your home is intended to be your permanent residence and is located on the Maltese Islands.
  2. You do not sub-let your home to any other person, and you do not have any lodgers.
  3. You do not share your home with anybody other than your family or partner.
  4. Your home is of standard stone and concrete construction.
  5. You do not use your home for any business purposes or for the storage of any business goods.
  6. You or any person living at your home has not had any criminal convictions, was not previously refused insurance or had a policy cancelled or had any special terms imposed.
  7. The buildings sum insured does not exceed €116,500.
  8. The total value of articles of gold, silver or other precious metal, jeweller or fur shall not exceed one third of the full value of contents.
  9. Your home is at least at shell form stage.
  10. Your home is in a good state of repair.
  11. You or anyone to be insured, have not had a loss on your home in the past 5 years. 
  12. If you are unable to confirm to the above criteria, please contact us.

Casa Borgo, 26, Market Street, Floriana FRN 1082, Malta

Tel: (+356) 2557 9000

Freephone: 8007 2322


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Branches: Il-Mosta, In-Naxxar, Paola, Haz-Zebbug, Ta' Xbiex, Iz-Zejtun, Il-Mellieha, Victoria - Gozo

Citadel Insurance p.l.c. (Company registration number: C21550), is a company authorised under the Insurance Business Act, Cap. 403, to carry on general and long term business of insurance and is regulated by the MFSA. This website is targeted for risks situated in Malta.