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Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company’s vision for its CSR Programme is aimed at sustaining a continued support to local voluntary and or philanthropic organisations, individuals in need and other members of the community by means of financial support and the personal involvement of its staff through their volunteering efforts. Citadel is committed to support its internal CSR team and to ensure that it continues to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects of its operations and activities.

Bailey's Training

On behalf of the Service Dogs Malta Foundation we would like to thank everyone once again for their contribution in the initiative to raise funds for the training of Bailey. As part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives for 2014, Citadel Insurance organised an art competition of which the twelve best paintings have been published in a 2015 calendar. The calendar was offered to the general public against a small donation and through this initiative €8,600 were raised for the training of Bailey, one of the young Labradors of the Service Dogs Malta Foundation. Since then, Bailey started her training to become a service dog and is expected to be qualified by the first few months of 2016.

Citadel’s team visited Bailey during one of her training sessions and were glad to see her progressing. Bailey is one of the 3 dogs who are currently being trained for PAT ‘Pets as Therapy’. PAT trained dogs are able to go to centres such as hospitals to help children and/or adults with psychiatric needs. It is proven that the presence of a PAT trained dog, even for just 15 minutes will help lower the blood pressure of the patient. This happens as the oxytocin is enhanced and it acts like a ‘love hormone’ generating a feel-good sensation. Bailey is due to be doing her first test visit at St Vincent de Paule in the coming days.

‘I refer to her as The Clown, as she can instantly change from training mode to fun mode.’ says Robert Spiteri who is in charge of Bailey’s training. ‘Bailey is very sociable with both children and adults’ he adds on.

Robert is currently focusing on Bailey’s obedience and her ability of being sociable in any environment or situation such as noises or distractions.  She needs a little bit more training on basic commands, obedience and on allowing people to pet her.

Bailey Collage

Everyone’s contribution in this initiative helped the Service Dogs Malta Foundation reach another milestone by training the first three local service dog trainers Robert Spiteri, Michelle Borg and Lindsey Ciantar. The training was given by veteran service dog trainers Alan Kordowski and Becky McClintock from Service Dogs, Inc. Texas who have over 30 years’ experience in this field. The Service Dogs Malta Foundation is now able to train more dogs to assist the disabled including visual assistance dogs, hearing dogs, autism assistance dogs, diabetic alert dogs and mobility support dogs.


Noffri Initiative

In collaboration with the Malta Community Chest Fund and Xarabank, Citadel Insurance were proud to offer their time to assist in the launch of 'Noffri', a new initiative which aims to collect voluntary hours from the general public.

Citadel's staff worked closely with the team of Noffri, the Malta Community Chest Fund and Xarabank to launch this project. On the second October, Citadel's staff have also offered their time by manning the telephone lines during Xarabank, where a total of 78,471 voluntary hours were raised in just one evening.

On behalf of the team of Noffri we invite you to join this initiative by donating your time on

Your time will make a difference.


Fundraising Initiative in aid of the Service Dogs Malta Foundation

As part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives for 2014, Citadel Insurance organised an art competition for children with the aim of assisting the Service Dogs Malta Foundation. The twelve best paintings were published in a 2015 calendar which was offered to the general public against a small donation. As a result of this initiative Citadel raised Eur 8,600 for the training of Bailey, a young labrador of the Service Dogs Malta Foundation which will be trained to become a service dog.

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