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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save on my premium when I insure with you? 

Premium reduction depends on a clean claims record.  The following are some of the reductions that may apply:

  1. Insuring more than vehicle with us
  2. Restricting your driving
  3. Increasing your compulsory excess 
  4. Careful driver discount

Click on the policies below to find out more about special rates on our car insurance policies:

Will I have the use of an alternative car while mine is being repaired? 

If you are insured on a Comprehensive basis, you may opt to extend you policy which will cover you for the expense of hiring an alternative car while yours is being repaired.

What is No Claims Discount (NCD)?

This is a discount that will be allowed on your premium depending on the number of years for which you have not lodged a claim.  The No Claim Discount may be transferable in the following situations:

From one insurance company to another  

Between spouses  

From one car to another  

From an individual and a company where the individual is a shareholder owning 51% or more of the company

On what basis should I value my car for insurance purposes? 

We would assist you in establishing the current value of your car according to the market value guidelines.  If you consider that your car’s value is higher than the current market value, we recommend that you get an independent evaluation from a qualified surveyor.

Should I review that my insurance plan is in line with current market value? 

It is always advisable that you review the value of your car since values are constantly changing.

What is a policy excess? 

Policy excess is the amount that you will have to pay when you make a claim, this amount may vary according to the age of driver at the time of accident.

Can I repair the car at a garage of my choice?

Normally you can choose to repair your car at a repairer of your choice, however, we do not warrant the quality of any works carried out, or the expertise of any individual repairer.

What type of replacement parts can be used to repair my car?

This would greatly depend on the age of the car and overall condition.  For newer cars we would generally pay for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, otherwise after market parts, including non-OEM parts and/or recycled second-hand parts, can be normally used.

Does my Car insurance policy cover me automatically when I travel abroad with my car? 

Your policy provides Third Party Cover for all EU member states. If you wish to cover also the own damage risk (Fire, Theft or Accidental Damage) you will need to ask us to extend your policy cover to the country you will be visiting. An additional premium is chargeable for own damage cover.

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